Welcome to Clickcloudit FAQ, here you can find commonly asked questions


What is Clickcloudit?

Clickcloudit is a cloud infrastructure provider focused on simplifying web infrastructure for web hosting, software developers, and other services.

What is a Cloudlet?

Clickcloudit calls its virtual servers, Cloudlets; each Cloudlet that you spin up is a new virtual server for your personal use.

What are Clickcloudit's key advantages?

We use SSD's on all of our servers, when you upload your website to one of our server, it will be so fast you will agree SSD's are the way to go over any other technology.

  • Simple Control Panel – Clickcloudit's makes deploying a cloudlet so easy, you will not get lost in our interface. If you have to explain an interface to an user, its a bad interface. That is why at clickcloudit we value how customers interact with our interface bringing you the best possible experience.

  • Professional hosting starting at $0.004 per hour. – Clickcloudit's transparent and simple pricing model is one of the most amazing structure in the market.

  • Active Developer Community – Clickcloudit's community pages are continually updated and moderated. Users will find numerous tutorials, a robust Q & A section, Forum, Chat and more.

What advantages does an SSD/NVME cloudlet server have over a shared hosting plan?

Clickcloudit users can have their personal cloud server spun up and active in under 1 minute. Each box comes with full root access, a choice of operating systems, and the ability to power, reset, change password, resize plan, backup, take snapshots, destroy or reinstall your cloudlet at any time. The possibilities are limitless!.

What advantages does an SSD/NVME cloud server have over a dedicated server?

Clickcloudit allows on the fly plan scaling that is much more difficult on a dedicated box. Changing the amount of RAM on a box can be done with a simple reboot, while expanding the disk size takes less than an hour. The same process can take hours or days with a dedicated setup.

The prices are awesomely low! Does Clickcloudit make a profit?

We are able to make enough profit to keep the lights on :)